Saturday, June 30, 2001

Well, it's Sautrday and I'm still trying to decide exactly what I want to use my blog for. I have an online journal that I use and go to everyday. I don't use the online journal to record how I feel about things or how I am feeling really. Maybe that's what I should use the blog for. That seems to be the most dominate idea that I have for it right now.

Am also wondering how the blog works throughout it's end. On the online journal it is relative easy to meet new folks. You can also respond to the entries of anyone's journal as well. I don't see that ability with blog nor can I see how to go to other people's blogs. Guess I will learn all of this in time.

Yesterday my daughter had surgery, so if anyone is reading this and you believe in the power of prayer I would like to ask that you pray for my daughter.

Thursday, June 28, 2001

I am changing the colors on my Blog Template. That is taking some doings right now. After going through an unusual proceedure I managed to change the background color. Have already tried to change the color of the font for my Blog title. That didn't work so am going through the whole unusal proceedure again.
It is interesting to finally have my Blog to where I can use it and know that I am doing so. Am wondering what to write about today and also whether I should try and record something in here everyday or only when I really feel lead to do so. If I try to record something here everyday than there are going to be days when it will be this dry and bored stuff like today. If I don't record every day but rather every few days than I will not keep or gain any visitors.

Today I am just plain tired. I've been up before daylight and I am on stand by for the company that I work for, which don't help out with my being tired. Maybe on the days that I feel extra tired I shouldn't try to record anything here.

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Ok, now that I think that I have this thing figured out I'm going to attempt to make an entry. I stated when I first put this site up that I may write my thoughts on a variety of issues, and that is somthing that I am going to do. But today I have a concern. I have a dear friend, a sister in Christ that is hurting so deeply and I am saddened for her.

She is a true prayer warrior and great solider in the army of the Lord. But as we all do from time to time she is going through a deep valley in her life. I think the 23rd Psalm would term the place where she finds her walk right now as the Valley of Death. We've all been there at one time or the other and some of us more so than others. For my sister in Christ, her valley has turned out to be a dreadful place and yet she has no choice but to walk on through and pray that the Lord will bring her out the other side.

Situations and issues of other people's makings has really impacted her life in a major way. It isn't her fault but she is suffering the consequences as a result of the actions of another person. It really agrivates me when I hear a person say, "Well, it's my life I should be able to do what ever I want, when ever I want!" Well, to start with it really isn't our life. The life we live is really on loan to us from the creator. Next, almost every thing that we choose to do or not do has a direct impact on another person and for that reason alone we are obligated to act and make choices in a responsible manner always taking into consideration those that most certainly will be affected by our choices and our actions.

My friend and sister is suffering as a direct result of the choices and actions of another person. It is a shame that this other person is so selfish, so self centered that they don't even give it a thought as to how it is affecting her. The world is full of people like that, this I do understand. And today the world says that everything is relative, meaning that what ever one chooses to do or not do the right or wrong of that choice and accompanied action is based on how the person feels about it. And how the person feels about it is obviously going to be based on the level of selfishness that exists within that person. As in my dear frineds case what one felt was right because out of selfihsness they wanted to do has brought her what could amount to a lifetime of pain and suffering.

God instructs us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. If we as a people would follow that one little instruction there would be so much less pain and suffering in our world today.
Trying once again. Am wondering if I can ever get a post to show up.